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These Are Some Of The Best Pinot Noirs—That Aren’t Burgundies

John Mariani

Feb 21, 2024

Alma Rosa Winery

Alma Rosa, founded by Richard Sanford and owned since 2014 by Bob and Barbara Zurich, has released three Pinots from the ideal vintage 2021 at different prices: 2021 Alma Rosa La Encantada Pinot Noir ( $82). Made from 24-year-old vines at the La Encantada Vineyard near the Pacific Ocean, aged for 11 months in 40% new French oak, it is bottled unfined and unfiltered, which gives it a robust body with acidity to match. . . . El Jabali Pinot ($90). Originally planted in 1983 and replanted in 2019, , these older vines have a good track record and maturity, also aged for 11 months in 45% new French oak before being bottled unfined and unfiltered. The levels of spice and pleasing tannins make this an outstanding Pinot. . .Rancho La Viña ($82). The soil composition of the vineyards southwest of the Sta Rita Hills corridor allows Winemaker Samra Morris, to create a bolder, though not massive, edge to the wine and darker color.

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