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Boutique Wine Collection's
Annual Growers' Tour

The Growers


Stift Klosternuerburg
(Father Gabriel)

Hermann Moser
(Martin Moser, winemaker)



Stift Klosternuerburg (Father Gabriel)



Stift Klosternuerburg (Father Gabriel)

Hermann Moser (Martin Moser, winemaker)



Stift Klosternuerburg, Austria

Austria's Oldest Winery

Top vineyard sites in four different wine villages, one of the most fascinating cellars in Austria, an unbroken wine-growing tradition of 900 years, and quality without compromise are the attributes of the Stift Klosterneuburg Wine Estate.

Representative: Father Gabriel

Stift Klosterneurburg
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Hermann Moser, Austria

Our vineyards make the wine

We are convinced that only healthy soil produces healthy vines. That's why we cultivate our vineyards without using herbicides or insecticides. With the 2024 vintage we will have completely converted our winery to a purely organic operation. We see this step as our personal investment in a sustainable future. Our wines thrive in the microclimate of the Kremstal. This is also ensured by the unique soils on which they grow. Deep, mineral-rich loess and old, heat-retaining Danube gravel determine the character of our variety.

Representative: Martin Moser, winemaker

Hermann Moser
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Karl Schaefer, Germany

Fuchsmantel wine-growing locality

A kaleidoscope of nuances in taste - 18 hectares of pure soil diversity. Every wine has to be nurtured with attention and appreciation to develop its typical character. Karl Schaefer wines originate from the best, most diverse soils in the Palatinate region and have differing microclimates.

Representative: Johann Seibt, winemaker

Kar Schaefer
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A. Gere, Hungary

Regional viticulture dates back to Roman times

Situated at the southernmost tip of Hungary, this wine region's viticulture origins go back to Roman times.  In Villány, smallholders, including Attila Gere, joined forces to revive old traditions establishing Villány on level with the best in the world. The soil and climate there are subtle differences between these plots, however they share some common characteristics like the loess topsoils rich in chalk with a limestone-dolomite bedding underneath and this makes them eminently suitable for the production of great red wines.

Representative: Anne Gere, winemaker



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